Sometimes brilliance
is just a little crazy.

The Crew.

It takes a special kind of person to create media solutions this revolutionary. Inspired, driven, talented — and a little bit crazy. Or a lot. Here are a few of the unique individuals whose mad visions and scary brainpower drive Sony Media Cloud Services.

We’re Constantly Thinking.

About how to make things more mobile, more collaborative, new applications, and how to help our customers go from capture to consumer in the easiest way possible.

David Rosen

Chief Evangelist

Believes life (and media workflow) is better in the cloud.

Dan Hitomi

Product Dude

Purveyor and connoisseur of user problems and idiosyncrasies.

Andrew Shapiro

Business Advocate

Sharp legal brain who bakes a mean cookie.

Michael Potts

Customer Ambassador

Passionate about Customer Advocacy... He is truly at your service.

The Hideout.

The Sony Media Cloud Services team is located on the Sony campus in Culver City, California. It's always sunny and beautiful here in Southern California!