Introducing Ci, Sony’s new cloud-based production workspace with the innovative production tools you need to upload, preview, share, create, and archive your media files. We’re changing the way the world works with video. Are you ready to get ahead of the curve?

Take a tour through Ci’s intuitive interface and see how our suite of apps can revolutionize your workflow.

Upload. Edit. Collaborate. Share.

Upload video to the cloud.

Upload video through your web browser directly to the cloud with blazing fast upload speeds. Use a Sony wireless-enabled professional camera to upload over 4G or Wifi. With support for the most popular file formats, get your video into the cloud quickly and easily.

Edit & annotate your footage.

Meet Ci’s unique suite of browser-based apps including RoughCut, which allows the sourcing and stitching of multiple clips regardless of resolution or framerate discrepancies. Quickly and easily create a cutlist to send to an assistant editor, colleague, or producer.

Collaborate with your team.

Review, annotate and collaborate on media files from any location in real-time. AudioReview and VideoReview provide audio track and frame-accurate threaded commenting and annotation, real-time group discussions with onscreen notifications and the ability to export EDL markers.

Share your video privately.

Stream your video privately to recipients anywhere in the world. Set an expiration date for enhanced security. Allow your editor to sync and import production notes directly into FCP or Avid.

Are you ready to get ahead of the curve? Join for free and be part of the Ci revolution.

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