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Why Ci?
Ci pronounced "see" is a rich media cloud collaboration platform with built-in native applications for collaborative review and approval, metadata enrichment and logging, powerful search, secure sharing, and automated storage management. It’s armed and ready to collect, transcode, and index your media files to help creative teams produce their best work and media organizations to share it with the world. Ci provides the tools you need in a single cloud-based solution.
Your Workspace in the cloud
Bring files and team members together to collaborate on projects regardless of geographical or network limitations.
Blazing FAST uploads
Ci's high-speed HTTP upload or built-in Aspera will help you get your files uploaded in a snap. Upload entire folder structures (with subfolders too!) to ensure you don't miss any files.
Enrich & Search - Discover and preview
Our powerful search allows you to find your files across multiple Workspaces. Enrich your catalog with custom metadata to ensure all your files are indexed and ready for discovery.
Proxies and Elements - Prepare for action
Files uploaded to Ci are transcoded into numerous preview proxies and customizable specs automatically. Eliminate the pre-transcode step and let Ci do the busy-work while you focus on the real work.
Archive - Reduce cost without losing access
Storing and archiving in Ci means you never sacrifice access for cost savings. Files and metadata are always preview and search-ready no matter what storage tier they're on. Optimize your budget by pushing hi-res content to archive and rest easy knowing that it can be restored in minutes with a single click.
Tools & award-winning apps
Every release, Ci adds new features to help expedite and improve your production workflows. Whether you are simply sharing a file or uploading a file to automatically extract closed captions, Ci helps you get it done faster.
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We take security Ci-riously
Global entertainment companies trust us with their content because data security is ingrained into the Ci platform. From ISO certified security processes to end-to-end encryption, we are committed to protecting your content.
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Ci has integrations with your favorite tools and the list keeps growing. Plus, our powerful APIs enable you to connect to even more services and apps seamlessly.
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What is Sony Media Cloud Services?
Sony Media Cloud Services is the team within Sony Electronics that develops and provides cloud-based media utility services designed to help creative professionals at all levels streamline content production, and work collaboratively with teams anywhere in the world to create, produce, edit, and prepare content for the world.
How much is Ci?
Anyone can try Ci for free by clicking here to sign up for an account. When you’re done kicking the tires you can sign up for a variety of subscriptions based on your storage needs. Our enterprise packages are offered on the basis of upload, download, and storage per month but we can provide a special plan that fits your needs.
What are the system requirements?
We are currently supporting Webkit-based browsers, including Safari and Chrome, which support cutting-edge HTML5 features such as accelerated browser-based uploads and MP4 video formats. Support for additional browsers is on the roadmap. Additionally, to guarantee a responsive experience using the tools, a broadband internet connection is recommended.
How secure are my files?
The security of your content is top of mind for us, which is why Sony Media Cloud Services is monitored 24x7x365 by Sony’s Global Security Operations Center. Our systems are subject to continual scan and regular penetration testing to help ensure that they are robust and resilient. We are ISO Certified and externally verified to be compliant with MPAA’s best practices leading our market in terms of third party assurance and validation. Learn more about Security at Ci.
How can I provide feedback on Ci?
We’re working 24/7 to constantly evolve and develop services for our users. Your feedback is critical and we would love to hear from you. Simply click here to shoot us an email.
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