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Once upon a time in Hollywood, technologists came up with an idea of a cloud-based media collaboration service as a means to improve upon conventional on-premise media workflows. In a climate when media companies were still tentative about the 'cloud', these visionaries saw that a cloud service architected in the right way would, in fact, bolster security. This is the conception story of Sony's Ci media cloud platform.

Ci was born, bred and groomed in the global media industry. We understand that dependable availability and enterprise-level content security are fundamental to our offering - and we are committed to offering these critical functions in order to provide a world-class cloud service to our customers.
Platform security
Ci follows MPAA guidelines and is ISO 27001:2013 certified. Ci undergoes regular security compliance audits by internal and 3rd party organizations as well as application penetration testing. Security monitoring is conducted 24x7 with logs shipped to Sony’s Security Operations Center.
Service reliability and durability
Ci is run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Gartner’s top-rated Public Cloud Provider. Relying on AWS infrastructure which enables content to be stored in redundant geographical data centers allows us to focus on developing security features to protect your content on the front-end.
Learn about AWS security
Product & App Security Features
Include support for:
End-to-end HLS encryption of content in transit and at rest
SSL Transport
Complete file activity history visible in-product
Automated security scanning and vulnerability tracking
Visual and burned in watermarking on shared files (optional)
Single sign-on (SSO) support through Okta and Azure AD
"Secure access" is not a paradox
See all of the security features built-in to our MediaBoxes:
Secured or password-protected access
Preset link expiration date (& time)
Visual and burned-in watermarking (optional)
Access controls for preview-only or download
Activity tracking and email notifications
Compliance Certificate
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Information Security Management System
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