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Ci ("see") for Yourself.

Ci supports the entire media lifecycle — from acquisition and creation through distribution and archive — providing compelling benefits for a wide range of enterprises. Whether you’re a broadcaster, production company or content owner, Ci seamlessly connects your teams and streamlines your workflow.

Ci for Productions

Ci is revolutionizing productions with high-speed set-to-cloud file transfers, simple and powerful solutions for dailies, and automatic preparation of edit-ready proxies for post. Finally, rest assured that your files are safe and secure in a cost-effective long term archive.

CheckmarkIntegrate with your desktop NLE.

CheckmarkView and share securely from any device.

CheckmarkEliminate slow and expensive physical deliveries.

Ci for Broadcasters

From customizable ingest processing to built-in high-speed Aspera transfers to hybrid archiving support with Optical Disc Archive — rest assured that Ci can help propel your stations into the network-based future.

CheckmarkEliminate redundant activities like ingest and transcode.

CheckmarkEstablish a cloud-based catalog with API support.

CheckmarkUnify linear and OTT content preparation.

Ci for Content Owners

Finally there's a way to simplify content acquisition activities. From adaptive proxies to built-in CDNs to indexed catalogs ready for monetization, Ci is designed to take the stress out of managing large libraries of content.

CheckmarkNormalize the ingest process across providers.

CheckmarkAutomate elastic media processing at scale.

CheckmarkSatisfy the ever-increasing demand for storage.

Ci for Archive

From automated uploads with Ci API to index-ready metadata tags to immediate collaboration on restored assets - archiving with Ci is the logical step in ensuring your content is backed up and accessible while lowering your overhead.

CheckmarkCapture source metadata and add your own.

CheckmarkWatch preview proxies from anywhere.

CheckmarkShip and collaborate on restored files immediately.

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Have a problem? Ci has a solution.

From capture to broadcast to preservation, Ci is built with love by Sony's media professionals. We understand the "gotchas" and the bottlenecks of creative workflows. Get in touch with our Ci solution consultants today to learn how we can help you improve your workflow so you can Ci ("see") the bigger picture.

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