Professional Media
Workflows Redefined.

It all starts with a Workspace.

Professional media workflow just got a whole lot easier. Upload, collect, and organize footage. Create team workspaces to connect global production teams to your media files. Use our innovative WorkSessionSM production apps to review, edit, annotate, and leave feedback in real time. Then use a MediaBoxSM to ship and share securely with your team or clients. Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools via our REST API. With Ci, your workflow will be more efficient than ever before.

The Dashboard

Once you create your own personal workspace, your dashboard will keep track of new projects or company workspaces as well as the people working in them. As the owner of a workspace, add or remove users and manage storage capacity.

CheckmarkCreate shared team workspaces.

CheckmarkView WorkSessionsSM and notifications from teammates.

CheckmarkUpgrade your workspace and add teams at anytime.

My Workspace

Upload video through your web browser with hi-speed upload capabilities. With support for the most popular professional media file formats, get your video into the cloud quickly and easily.

CheckmarkUpload media files in your browser.

CheckmarkOrganize files into folders to stay on task.

CheckmarkAccess wherever there's internet.

Navigation Panel

The navigation panel lets you find exactly what you're looking for. Tab between recent uploads, favorites, trash bin, and your workspace. It's never been easier to get organized and stay productive.

CheckmarkPreview video files in filmstrip view.

CheckmarkView recent uploads from your and your team.

CheckmarkFind files tagged as favorites.

App Toolbar

Check out Ci's unique WorkSession production apps like VideoReview and Roughcut with features like creating cutlists, frame-accurate annotations, real-time group discussions, and the ability to export XML markers.

CheckmarkCreate a list of your favorite shots.

CheckmarkAnnotate directly on video frames.

CheckmarkExport comment markers to XML or PDF.


A WorkSession is just like a session in an edit bay or screening room. Create a new session, invite others, and add annotations to share instant feedback.

CheckmarkBegin a new session.

CheckmarkInvite others to join in.

CheckmarkShare instant feedback.


Use MediaBoxes to pick, pack, and share your video files privately to recipients anywhere in the world. Create a password to protect your files and set an expiration date for enhanced security.

CheckmarkSend multiple files via email or to another workspace.

CheckmarkSet a password, expiration, and permissions.

CheckmarkManage sent MediaBoxes and easily delete links.


Get notified by email every time you're invited to a new Workspace or WorkSession. Enable Workspace notifications to be notified when files are added or deleted.

CheckmarkReceive email notifications for important updates.

CheckmarkTrack Workspace and single file activity.

CheckmarkCustomize settings just for you.


Cloud-enable your master control with instant notifications and automatic retrieval when content is ready for air. Simple, powerful REST API and SDKs make integrations a breeze.

CheckmarkIntegrate to auto-create VideoReview sessions.

CheckmarkCapture content from anwhere and ingest centrally.

CheckmarkFeed your OVP or OTT solution.

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