From the Camera to the Cloud.

Getting footage directly from your camera to anywhere in the world is now a reality with Sony’s new CBK-WA100 wireless adapter and Ci℠. Simply shoot, upload to Ci and let your team start reviewing footage right away, no matter where they are. Whether you are transmitting dailies from a field location, monitoring recorded images quickly on-site or remotely sharing edited work on Ci’s cloud platform, Sony puts the power of wireless connectivity and cloud flexibility in your hands – delivering the workflow of the future, today.

The CBK-WA100 Wireless Adapter.

Sony adds a whole new level of wireless connectivity to its line of professional camcorders with the new wireless adapter, model CBK-WA100. The adapter connects directly to Sony cameras and is capable of transmitting proxy files directly to a broadcast station or to a cloud environment, significantly accelerating the ENG workflow – all without loss of quality, speed or ease of use. Workflows have evolved and the CBK-WA100 wireless adapter is on the forefront of that evolution.

Specs that will get your creativity flowing and production going.

Wireless Adapter

  • Compatible with Sony’s full line of XDCAM camcorders and field gear
    • PMW-500/400/300/200/160/150/50 (with HD-SDI connection and USB connection)
    • PMW-320, PDW-F800/700/680 (with HD-SDI connection)
  • Wireless Adapter CBK-WA101 one-touch attach/detach capability exclusively available for the PMW-400

  • HD-SDI Output compatibility
  • Proxy files can be saved using adapter’s SD card
  • Compatible with Content Browser Mobile application for tablets and smartphones
    • Camera Control
    • Video Streaming
    • Browse and Preview Content
    • Start File Transfers
  • BP-U60T battery for XDCAM can supply power to both camcorder and Wireless Adapter
  • Wireless transmissions for Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE require dongles. For Wi-Fi, Sony’s “IFU-WLM3”, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi dongle is available. For Modems, recommended models differ based on country and carrier.